Planning An Outdoor Wedding: Here Are Few Tips

In all honesty, we are unable to imagine anything more prestigious, astounding, or awe-inspiring than an outdoor wedding complemented with perfect weather. Whether you’ve always wanted an outside wedding or you’ve just been inspired by all the lovely outdoor “I do” ideas, you should bear in mind that creating an outdoor environment is more difficult than creating an indoor one. Organizing an outdoor-themed event involves many moving pieces, but there are also countless possibilities and chances.

Any couple may enjoy an outdoor wedding, but there might be some special difficulties, especially if you have trouble letting go or don’t genuinely love being outside for more than five hours, warns our experts at AJ Garden. Additionally, even if you prefer being outside, you should think about the season of your wedding. It might not be the best setup for you if spending many hours outside while spending little to no time indoors doesn’t seem interesting to you because summers on the east coast can be quite hot and muggy.

Continue reading for a comprehensive guide on getting married outside if you’re thinking about having an outdoor ceremony to exchange vows or a free-range reception to celebrate with your guests!

Outdoor Wedding Etiquette:

The guest experience should be treated with the utmost relevance and priority while organizing an outdoor wedding. Here are some common etiquette queries and their responses.

How should a vendor team be approached for an outdoor event?

Locating merchants for your day will, for the most part, be quite similar to finding vendors for an indoor fete. Nevertheless, it is unquestionably beneficial to look into musicians or DJs, flower designers, photographers, officiates, catering services, etc. that have previously worked at outdoor events.

You’ll want to be fully aware of the requirements that each of your merchants will have (Do they need amps? Do they have access to a common circuit?) A reliable rental business will come in and evaluate the area, assist with measurement, and provide ideas in order to run smoothly on the day of your wedding. There are several firms that provide all-inclusive rentals and can provide everything from tents to tables, seats, lights, bars, generators, and even assistance with any required permits. Pre-wedding stress may be greatly reduced by knowing that all of these logistics are being handled by actual experts.

How should catering be done for outdoor dining?

In the lack of the comforts that come with an indoor setting, finding a catering crew that is experienced with managing outside weddings is crucial. Questions like “How many outdoor weddings have you done,” “Are you comfortable working in a food tent,” and “Will you be able to give recommendations for catering rental needs such as kitchen equipment, plate ware, glassware, cutlery, etc.” should be ready when you get the call. A big plus is teaming up with a group that can handle your alcohol order and has a liquor license.

What dishes would you like to serve?

Being outside has several advantages, one of which is that you may be really creative with your menu. Do you desire a wood-fired pizza oven? Do it! Do you think a pig roast would be trendy for a party with a more tropical theme? So do we, too! There are so many enjoyable alternatives available for your day. For cocktail hour and dinner, we often advise her customers to “choose for passing appetizers to minimize bugs buzzing around a buffet or hanging over family-style entrees.”

How should we spruce up this outside space?

You are in a unique position to use the natural environment to your decorating advantage since every outdoor site, whether it be a backyard, a beach, or a field covered with flowers, has its own inherent beauty and style. Additionally, the choices you select for the event’s décor might influence how formal or informal it is. A lot of lavish outdoor black-tie weddings are planned, complete with hardwood flooring and air conditioning. Wood, linen, and natural silks are examples of natural materials that may combine to create a stunning outdoor countenance.

Should we prepare for inclement weather?

Couples organizing outdoor celebrations always have a top worry regarding inclement weather. Even if you don’t believe it will be essential, you should reserve a tent with sidewalls if you are already taking one. It is advisable to reserve the tent in advance and then cancel it in the days preceding your event because tents are currently such a high-demand commodity. While you’ll probably lose some of your money, it’s more preferable than stressing out trying to find a tent the week before your wedding if the weather prediction calls for rain.

How can we keep the pests away from our visitors?

Putting citronella candles around the route or at your tent entrance will prevent pests, as well as picking flowers that mosquitoes don’t like. This is in addition to having your grounds professionally cleaned three or four days before your wedding. As a real hidden weapon, use lavender, marigolds, and peppermint in your own flower arrangements and in the decor of the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

Can we design attractive portable restrooms?

When it comes to outdoor weddings, it’s unquestionably one of the most often requested topics. All of our experts agree that renting restroom trailers with paid bathroom attendants and classy embellishments is the key (like pretty florals, toiletries, and candles).

How can we get our guests ready for a wedding outside?

In a perfect world, your invitation and/or wedding website should specify your outside venue. The outdoor format will let your friends and family choose their clothing and any (if any) substitutes, accessories, or additional layers they might want to bring just in case. You should let your guests know in advance to dress appropriately if your wedding is taking place on grass. It would be wonderful to have the heel stoppers available for any guests who might require them because you don’t want everyone wearing stilettos to be sinking into the floor the whole night.