Choosing Your Wedding Venue? Ask These 10 Questions!

You are probably already aware of our brand-new Venue in Chennai unless you have been hiding out under a rock. However, before you sign the contract or pay the deposit, you must have clear answers to the following questions, regardless of whether the wedding will be in-town or out-of-town. Most people only consider the venue and the price, but there are many additional considerations you should make before making the reservation to avoid getting stuck with a significant extra fee or having important details go missing on D day!

How many further events do you have scheduled for that day? 

There might be more events on the same day if the location is not exclusive and has more than one garden or hall. If so, you’ll need to determine how big the gathering will be and whether there will be adequate parking to accommodate everyone from both parties.

How many people can a floating/seating capacity hold in total?

 You should consider seating capacity if you’re hosting a sangeet when most guests will arrive at a specific time and sit to see performances. You can consider a floating capacity as an alternative to a wedding reception where guests arrive, greet the couple, and then depart. 

What is the list of services offered?

Once more, make a note of these details because you could be too busy on the big day to recall them while processing the payments.

Do you also provide room and boarding?

Find out how many they can designate for you that day if they do. Otherwise, even if you’re not staying at the site, a room for the wedding party is a necessity.

In the event of an accident, is the location insured? Are valid fire permits present?

Very crucial for Hindu marriages to avoid any form of tragedy.

Do we have to choose someone from your preferred list or may we find our own vendors from outside? 

Yet again, they might be adamant about using their vendors or services. You have the option of doing so or convincing them to let you bring your own. But getting a list of their vendor’s costs is always preferable so you can compare.

What is the needed deposit, and what are the cancellation terms? 

It’s preferable to be aware of the cancellation policy in advance just in case. It’s also crucial to learn about the deposit, whether it’s refundable, and whether the remaining balance must be paid in full at once or over time in installments. Ask about the payment method that best suits your needs.

Are there any corkage fees? 

There are occasionally unforeseen expenses, such as “corkage,” which is a fee the venue charges you for selling alcohol that you bring from outside.

Are fire rituals permitted inside the building? 

Some locations won’t allow fire pits in the wedding ceremony if it’s a conventional wedding. Therefore, you might need to move your ceremony.

Does the location possess a valid liquor license?

 If you want to serve alcohol, you need a license. If you’re searching for a cheap wedding, it can also save you a ton of money if they let you bring your alcohol. If you can’t, make sure everyone knows what brand of alcohol will be served. Both cheap and expensive, whiskey is both.