5 reasons to choose wedding lawns over wedding halls in Chennai

The beautiful bride and handsome groom are ready to tie the knot. What happens next? Don’t we need to plan the big fat wedding to make it the memorable one where decisions have to be made from all sides? As soon as the date is fixed, the next challenge a couple faces when planning their perfect day is choosing their venue; whether it’s indoor or outdoor, in the orchestrated hall or lawn of nature.

Today, there are a variety of options to choose your wedding venue. From ready-made halls to customizable lawn weddings, couples are drawn towards more creative settings. Well, let us tell you which is more exceptional.

Magical possibilities

the lawn gives the freshness to start your plan and explore the possibilities. You can imagine your dream setting and bring it to life in front of your eyes. You can always insert your ideas to brighten your celebration and remove anything that sets the ambience off.

Imagine a bride who dreamt of this moment all her life walking down on a dreamy wedding lawn and meets her groom’s eyes. Wouldn’t that be magical?

Outdoor ambience

Really? Do you think wedding halls in Chennai would be the safest during the pandemic situation? You and your guests are here to address a wonderful ceremony and why make it risky in a contained area.

It’s also an added advantage that when you opt for a lawn wedding in Chennai, nature and the scenery fall into your hands free of cost. Our presence in nature has a huge impact on our emotional state. With the satin drapes in red, chairs covered in white, greens and blossoms over the blue sky as your main backdrop, live moments becomes more alive.

Handy space

Spacious lawn wedding in Chennai is never short of extra air. At a wedding hall, the place can get a bit claustrophobic. Also, it makes you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city providing the patio for socializing. The free space allows you to make the last-minute changes because there is always enough to add up to your taste. As we consider our guests comfort too, the open parking area is the extension of the wedding lawn in Chennai.

Adding to it, children at the event can have all the fun they want and never contain their mischievousness whereas halls are restricted to behave. Wink Wink.


A space in need is a space indeed. Your dream world can be moulded just the way you wanted it to be. Lawn weddings in Chennai are much more fun than wedding halls as the bride and groom plus the guest get to have the perfect backdrop of their choice. Your type of serene and romantic environment puts you in a comfortable and relaxed mood.

You can personalise your event by having 100 different kinds of props, twinkling lamps and lanterns, or even plan a crackling firework and experience it by your venue.

More snaps

Now, we have the best ambience, joyful sight and what next? You capture it. Well, a lawn wedding in Chennai makes the photographer go crazy on candids. When you have abundant space and divine setup, there is no shortage of drama. You are free to have a photo booth, props and create separate spaces to click pictures with your friends and families.

Lighting could be tricky but it can be tricky anywhere. Nature sets up light for you from sunrise to sunset and with the help of few equipments, it’s just like you live a day.

Convincing enough?

A wedding venue could be a headache if not picked right. These are selected based on location, date, number of guests, budget and style of the wedding. Wedding lawns in Chennai are budget-friendly if there is no lavish spending on lunch and decors.

Why do you put so much effort into the wedding celebration? Not just because it’s a beginning of a new journey but it’s also special. So, make it splendid.

Having said that, AJ garden has a fantastic view of your fantasy. Happy lawn wedding!