At what other time do you get to gather all of your nearest and dearest, put on a massive party, and dance the night away? And it’s all in honor of the fact that you’ve partnered up with the most amazing person you know. It has got to be the biggest win-win ever.

Finding Wedding Halls in Chennai that all these celebrations are going to go down at can be seriously tricky. We decided to put together some tried-and-tested tips to help you find and choose your ideal wedding venues in Chennai.

Set your budget first

Your budget will probably shape the style of the wedding halls in Chennai you’re working with. We want to stress the word ‘tentative’ because, as people who have gone down the wedding planning path before, we realize that despite all good intentions, wedding budgets have a tendency to stretch while choosing wedding venues in Chennai.

When choosing wedding venues in Chennai, keep in mind what’s included – do you still need to hire tables and chairs? Extra portaloos? Don’t get caught out with surprise costs – ask the venue owner or manager exactly what additional items need to be brought to the venue to get a fully informed idea of the actual hire price.

Fix the location where you want your celebrations to take place

Plenty of couples are heading away for their nuptials and really giving the destination wedding thing a good nudge over a few days.

Consider things like availability of accommodation, how far your guests will be willing to travel and how much it will cost them while choosing your wedding venues in Chennai

Ask your wedding vendors for ideas

When you know where you want to get married but are struggling to find the right wedding venues in Chennai, why not ask some of the local wedding vendors? After all, they have first-hand experience working at many local wedding venues in Chennai and might be able to suggest a few that you haven’t discovered.

Customize the venue according to your needs

If you have your heart set on a particular caterer for your big day, there’s probably no point in viewing wedding venues in Chennai that work with a preferred company only.
Find out before you make time for viewing what’s flexible. Are you allowed to work with your own vendors of choice? Can you DIY-style the venue space? These are all things to consider when choosing your wedding halls in Chennai.

Check all the venues in-person

Chances are you’ll be viewing a few different wedding venues in Chennai before choosing “the one”. To avoid them all becoming one big blur, we’d suggest getting a little prep before you go. Our biggest tip would be to take photos at the viewing – we sure wouldn’t be trusting our own memories to remember all the unique and beautiful elements of the wedding halls in Chennai.

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